Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The beginning

I've been meaning to have my own blog for some time now. I don't know what's stopped me really. I think laziness is the answer. Anyway what's done is done and now I have this thing I'm at a loss for what to write.

Logging back onto my blogger account was...painful. I had a blog I wrote MANY years ago called "stories of a snowking" and it was utter shit. I had no idea how much of a whiny bastard I sounded. I have this issue generally. Reading thing's I've written back to myself always makes me doubt weather I actually meant that to sound that whiny and pathetic; even now I'm re-reading that initial paragraph and thinking about how much of a twat i sound like.

I hope to keep this up every day, even going as far as to set a reminder on my phone to go off to remind me to write.

I enjoy writing but I never know how to start...or finish...or do the middle bits. I could never write a story properly; even as a kid. I would go off at obscure angles and talk about shit that didn't matter. I remember my first "attempt" at writing as a child; I attempted to write a screenplay of the original Metal gear solid.


So there I was. 10 years old. Writing the screenplay for MGS. How could I fuck it up? The story was already written. I just had to play a bit, write down what just happened, and then play a bit more. Simple right? WRONG. I fucked it up and I remember exactly how I did it too; I started writing about snake eating the rations.


I wanted to make it realistic but had no real idea of what would be inside a ration box. Google was 2 years from existence and I didn't fancy trawling the dial up internet for answers so I related it to the one thing I knew about. Packed lunches from mum.

At ten years old, I wrote a metal gear solid fan fiction about snake eating a packed lunch on Shadow Moses island because his mum left them there for him in case he was hungry.

My imagination will never be that good ever again.

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